Hi there!

I have over 20 years of experience producing high quality images for top astrophysics institutions. Many of the images I have created have been featured in publications across the world. I collaborate closely with astrophysicists and media communications team members to effectively explain science concepts and theories to a general audience.

I received my BFA in Studio Art from the University of Rhode Island in 1998. That same year I began creating science illustrations for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory team, prior to the observatory’s launch in 1999. More recently, I also began work with the team at the Center for Astrophysics Harvard | Smithsonian and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

My images have been featured in Time magazine, on space.com, on the cover of Nature Journal, as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, and in other publications across the world. One of my favorite moments during my career is seeing this picture of Stephen Hawking in front of my illustration for Cygnus X-1.

I also have a fine art practice that conceptually connects to astrophysics and other topics in science. You can see that work here: http://www.melissawalterart.com/