GJ 3253: Astronomers Gain New Insight into Magnetic Field of Sun and its Kin

Client: NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory
Date: 2016
Caption: This artist’s impression shows the internal structure of the sun and stars with a similar mass to the sun. These stars have a divided internal structure with an inner radiation zone, where energy moves outward, and an outer convection zone shown by loops with arrows. Similar to the circulation of warm air inside an oven, the process of convection in a star distributes heat from the interior of the star to its surface in a circulating pattern of rising cells of hot gas and descending cooler gas. A difference in the speed of rotation between the radiation and convection zones was thought to generate most of the magnetic field in the sun by causing magnetic fields along the border between the two zones to wind up and strengthen.
Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss
Link: https://chandra.si.edu/photo/2016/gj3253/